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Hawthorne Products

Sole Pack - Hoof Packing

Sole Pack - Hoof Packing

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From the Manufacturer: Hawthorne Products

Sole Pack Medicated Hoof Packing


Sole Pack Hoof Packing relieves dry, hard, sore hooves, while combating bacterial and fungal infections. It also treats white line disease. Sole Pack Hoof Packing is extremely effective in maintaining the natural pliability of the hoof. Sole Pack Hoof Packing is fast-acting, quick-penetrating and formulated with soothing natural ingredients. Sole Pack Hoof Packing is available as a convenient, easy-to-use individual “Paddie” and the more economical 4 lb. and 8 lb. bulk quantity. It’s unique ability to bring the hoof back to a natural state makes it effective whether you’re faced with a hoof that it too soft or a hoof that is too hard.

Packing your horses hoof with Sole Pack Hoof Packing a few days prior to trimming will bring the hoof to a pliable state that will ease the trimming process.

Why Red Leaf Loves this Product

I switched to Sole Pack from another major hoof packing brand about a year ago. I love the way this product has a consistency like clay and packs well in the foot, without being too sticky (you don't need to worry about it getting on your horse's skin). 

I love the individual 'paddie' format because you never need to worry about your packing going crusty! It's always fresh and ready to go, as well as being quick and convenient.

Sole Pack is a bit of a swiss army knife product for me, as someone with horses who have a history of laminitis, and navicular. I always keep Sole Pack on hand, and go through it frequently. The following are the 3 scenarios where I use it most: 

1. If I have an abscess or thrush that I’m trying to draw out
2. If the sole is dry and brittle, and I’m trying to regain moisture balance
3. If there is some inflammation to draw or I’m trying to proactively avoid inflammation in the feet. This is mostly at shows when the horses are on varied footing and tend to spend more time on concrete.
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