The "Why"

From our Founder

I'm so passionate about seeing our western industry continue to thrive in Canada. I always want to do more, but have been constrained of the # of volunteer hours that I have to give and $ that I have to sponsor.

Through Red Leaf Trading Co. I've built a platform that is bigger than myself. Red Leaf Trading Co. will be able to contribute to these associations/clubs - and you, the western enthusiasts that make up their memberships - in a more meaningful way than any one individual.

- Mallory McKewen, Founder

  • Providing Value for Horse Owners & Riders

    Red Leaf isn't here to compete head to head against your local tack shop. Red Leaf offers high quality items that are traditionally hard to find and source in Canada. We will stay true to our mission and aim to offer high quality items at a reasonable value.

  • Supporting Small Businesses & Makers

    Using our reach and e-commerce specialty, we aim to carry independent and small brands creating a mutually benefical relationship. These are brands that produce high quality items, but that you often can't find in a national/international distributor catalogue.

  • Giving Back to Associations & Clubs

    10% of all sales will accumulate on an Awards Credit for the Association/Club that is most meaningful to you, the customer. This way, the club can choose awards from our catalogue to give back to exhibitors. A true win-win-win!