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SleekEZ Shedding Block

SleekEZ Shedding Block

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Description from SleekEZ

The ORIGINAL by SleekEZ® grooming brushes for horses are favored among horse and livestock owners. Perfect for shedding season, no other horse grooming tool on the market works as well to naturally deshed, and fast. Works better GUARANTEED! Removes shedding hair, dirt, and dander not only from pets but also from furniture, pet bedding, saddle pads, autos and carpeting. No need to pull hair from the tool. Hair simply falls into neat little piles onto the ground for later pick up.

Why Red Leaf loves this product

Shedding season in Canada... whew! This product has (thousands of) nearly entirely 5 star reviews online. So much better than the traditional shedding blade or curry comb, and so suitable for the realities that are getting ready for show season in Canada! 

Personally I love to turn my horses out everyday. The winter season serves as a great time to let them "be a horse" and have a little vacation between show seasons. That said, I always dread Spring shedding. Getting ready for shows in April and May can be tough after being turned out in the negative temps all winter! This is a great patent-pending product that makes life easier. 

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