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Total Saddle Fit

Shoulder Relief Western Cinch - Neoprene

Shoulder Relief Western Cinch - Neoprene

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Description from Total Saddle Fit

The patented (US Pat D917109) Shoulder Relief Cinch is the only one of its kind on the market.  It actually changes the angle and placement of the latigo on the horse to prevent the saddle from being pulled into the shoulder blades, resulting in a free shoulder and better saddle fit.  

You might be wondering, how?  The shape of the Shoulder Relief Cinch allows for the center of the cinch to sit in the horse's natural girth groove, while the sides are recessed backward and attach to the latigos farther back on the horse's body compared to a regular cinch.  This design makes the latigos more perpendicular to the ground and neutralizes forward pressure on the saddle (from the pull of the latigos).

Why Red Leaf loves this product

I first purchased a Total Saddle Fit girth for a mare who is very "round", which caused my saddle to tend to roll a bit on her back. After using it for a couple weeks, I noticed she became less cinchy when tacking up and overall truly felt as though she was moving more free. Previously I saw a cinch as sort of a commodity, but it blew my mind how this cinch truly made a difference. 

I then began using the cinch on another mare of mine who didn't have much wither. A "regular" cinch had been working fine on her, really, but I found I had to cinch it up so tight. That went away with the Total Saddle Fit cinch. 

I now use these cinches on all my horses, and have several personally. They were a pain to get though - I could not find them anywhere in Canada. Nearly every time someone sees me saddle they ask me where I got my cinch, and how it works, so this was an obvious product to make accessible for the Canadian market through Red Leaf Trading Co. 


NOTE: Other liner options can be ordered. 

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