How it Works

Sell with Red Leaf

To save you the hassle of selling your own items, Red Leaf would be happy to market them for you. 

Red Leaf will take care of all photos, measurements, and communication with all buyers. Consigned items must be in the possession of Red Leaf prior to being marketed. 

Upon successful sale of an item, the revenue share will be 70% consignor/30% Red Leaf. There is no upfront fee for the consignor. Payment will be sent to the consignor within 14 days of sale. 

Red Leaf accepts quality show clothing, tack, equipment, and horsewear. We will assess your items to ensure they are a fit with our target audience prior to accepting them on consignment. 

Ready to get started? Email the following info to 

  • Item type
  • Size
  • Brand
  • Condition
  • Goal sale price 
  • Quick photo(s)

Buy with Red Leaf

Shopping with Red Leaf is easy! Check out the collections below and filter by what you're looking for. Checkout online to be sure that you don't miss out. With the nature of consignments, our inventory is everchanging.

We will accept returns within 3 days of receipt if an item is purchased sight unseen. All shipping charges will be the responsibility of the customer for any returns.

We will be at many shows and events throughout the season. If there is something in the collection that you'd like to try, let us know and we'll bring it along.

Shipping, Pick-Up, Delivery

Most conveniently, Red Leaf will be happy to deliver your order or pick up your consignment items at a show/event! See upcoming delivery options here.

You may also make an appointment at Red Leaf to pick up an order. Red Leaf is located in Burford, Ontario (between Brantford and Woodstock).

If neither of the above work, we will be happy to ship most items, and accept consignment items via courier. All fees (actual cost) will be the responsibility of the consignor or buyer.

Featured Consignments

Looking for something specific?

Drop us a quick note outlining what you're looking for and your approximate budget. We've always got our eye out!

Have items to sell?

Send us an email with a quick description of your items including size, brand, and amount you'd like to sell for. It would be helpful if you send a quick photo as well. Don't stress if the photo isn't perfect - if the items are accepted for Consignment, we'll take care of all the marketing!